Bonus Challenge #9

When I was a child, we would always tease our parents or siblings by telling them there was a spider in his or her hair.  We would ESPECIALLY do this on April Fools Day.  One year I told my mom there was a spider in her hair.  She of course didn’t believe me…but really there was!  She didn’t believe it until my dad got a napkin and killed it!  Since today is April Fools Day, I thought it’d be fun to record about it.

What is one of your most memorable April Fools Days? (Or jokes?)

You can record something that you did to someone, or something that happened to you.  Write about all of them that you can remember.  Or if you’re short on time, just time yourself for one minute and make a list of all the pranks you’ve gotten away with or didn’t get away with!  You can even record about today.

What I did:

I made a digital layout without pictures, because I didn’t have any.  It tell the story of when I broke my arm on April Fools Day—which I don’t care to repeat!

april fool

Template from Jessica Sprague (modified a bit), papers created by me, fonts: Mountains of Christmas, CK Ali’s Handwriting.

Now I challenge you to record about a memorable April Fools Day that you’ve had!

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