May in Review

I saw this idea on the Simple As That blog, and thought I’d post it here. (Bonus—you can get this template for free there too!) If you are struggling to keep your family history or a scrapbook, try doing one layout a month of photos. It takes 30 minutes at most to do, and you have a small record of what you’ve done for the month! Make a goal to do it at the end of each month, and you’ll never be behind!

may 2011 i

Click on the picture below and you can see some more wonderful layouts and ideas!

Credits: Template: Rebecca Cooper, Fonts: CK Ali’s Handwriting, Sketch Rockwell, and Century Gothic


rebecca said...

love your collage so much! :) your photos are beautiful! Rebecca

elizabeth kartchner said...

how fun I love this!!

highheels2flipflops said...

I think I am computer retarded. How did you use the template she gave us for the photo collage?

Emily said...

To use the template, you need photoshop. (Download it first to you computer from Rebecca's site.) Then you click on the layer or space where you want your picture, drag your picture you want, then push ctrl G to group it to that spot. Use ctrl T to change the size of your picture to fit.
If you need more a more in-depth answer, let me know! :) I did extend the top left and bottom right pictures for my collage