Challenge #34—Tradition

Every time I hear the word “tradition”, I can’t help but sing the same titled song from “The Fiddler on the Roof”!  A lot of traditions are deep-rooted, and have been around for too many years to count.  Other traditions have just been started, or are a few years old.  It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, it’s still fun to record it!

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

You can record some of the traditions you’ve had your whole life, some you had growing up, or some you have started recently.  Make a list of all the traditions you can think of, record one favorite from each time period of your life, or even focus on all the ins and outs of just one. 

Here are some sub-questions to help you get thinking:  How did it start?  How long has it been going?  Have you changed the tradition at all through the years?  How long do you foresee this tradition continuing?  What do you hope your family will remember about it?  How has it helped your family grow closer to each other?  

Here’s a couple of ideas of things that we did, and there will be a few more next week from the rest of the TIMC team!  

What Laura did:

For the past few years, I’ve put together a December Daily album*.  I’ve approached it a few different ways.  Last year I also participated in a month-long photography workshop where I was prompted to take a different picture everyday in December.  My journaling for my book last year didn’t necessarily go with the picture that I took, but at least I got journaling written and a different picture taken for every day.
This is the page that I put together for last year’s mini-book.

And the journaling:

I love the traditions that we do share as a family, even if they aren’t extravagant.  I think everyone’s favorite in our house is the night we watch The Polar Express.  We make a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy the movie and being together as a family.

(*If you’ve never heard of a December Daily Album, check it out on Ali Edwards’ blog here.)
What Rachel did:

I took some time to reflect this week about some of our family Christmas traditions and where they came from. I could have made some many layouts just on this topic. I picked a couple traditions that we do with our kids and took pictures of them. In addition to what I have on my layout; we also go to our church Christmas program, read and watch Christmas stories all month, read the bible Christmas story on Christmas eve, have a special family Christmas meal…I love the holiday season and everything about it! 
TIMC 6 Holiday traditions-001
Credits: All paper and embellishment are from the kit “Christmas” by Albums to Remember. Pictures by Rachel.

What I did:

My husband and I got married 4 days before Christmas, which meant we were on our honeymoon for our 1st one together.  I thought it’d be fun to buy a Christmas ornament to remember it by, but then it became a tradition!  Most every place we go on vacation, we buy a Christmas ornament, or something that we can make into one.  We all love reminiscing about the places we went and who went and how old the kids were as we decorate our tree each year!  I decided I wanted to scrapbook the story of our ornament tradition!

Christmas Ornaments 1Christmas Ornaments 2

And since this is really kind of a hard subject for a Fast Form, there won’t be one for this challenge.  BUT, I do have two little Christmas presents for all followers of the TIMC!  If you are a not yet a follower, you can follow on the right via GFC or on the top bar.  

1st present for you:  a two page scrapbook quick page (in PNG format).  You can use one or both pages to help you record some of your holiday fun!  Click on each page to download it!

TIMC Christmas 1TIMC Christmas 2

2nd present for you: a Christmas paper pack!  I discovered a few months ago that I really like designing my own papers and some simple elements—I know I’m not the best at it, but I seriously love doing it!  I thought I’d do a little something for the holiday season, and share some of my “fun time” with all of you!  Here’s a little look at it—it’s definitely bold and a bit funky!  

Christmas Paper Pack Preview 
TIMC followers can get the paper pack for free here! Smile  There are actually 20 papers in it, though only 12 are shown here.  (And a small element pack is coming next week—still working on it—so be on the lookout for that!)

Now, I challenge you to go record some of your holiday traditions!

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