Fast Fact Friday #18

Okay, I have to admit it…I pretty much suck at coming up with unique questions for Fast Fact Friday.  Which is why I am SOOOO grateful for all of you who are coming up with them through the FB page instead—they are MUCH better than what I would’ve done!  A big thanks to all of you who suggested questions!  (That would be Sheila, Katie, Tanya, Samantha, Crystal and Thayer!)

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This week I gave the topic of “TV” and had so many fun questions to choose from, but after much deliberation I narrowed it down to my favorite 5.

1.  If you could be a character in a TV show, who would you be? (You would live, dress, act like them.)

2.  What TV family best describes your family?

3.  What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon as a kid?

4.  What reality TV show would you want to be in?  (Even if you don’t watch it.)

5.  What was your favorite TV theme song as a kid?


Okay, here’s a quick peek at my answers! 

1. June Cleaver.  She had it all together, and her boys were only half as bad as mine!  Plus she always had the best lipstick!  (Though it’d be tough to give up technology.)
2. So, this one was harder to answer than I thought.  Maybe a mix.  I’d best describe us as a mix between Phil and Claire’s family in Modern Family and the Brady Bunch.  We have lots of kids, some chaos, but lots of love and happiness in there too!
3. Smurfs.  Seriously, who doesn’t love little, blue, singing people?
4. The Amazing Race.  I’ve never seen it, but my mom and SIL tell me about it every now and again and it sounds like fun!
5.  Saved By the Bell.  I was so in love with Zack—as I’m sure every tween was… Winking smile 


Laura T. said...

Great questions ... answering on my blog now.

Sam said...

Your questions are great too! I also think this new way of getting questions is a great incentive to actually completing the FFF's. If I feel I've tried to help out with a project, I've a better chance at completing it. Thanks for all of your hard work, your help and for the fun!