Bonus Challenge #3: Record Your Community

I saw this idea and thought it'd be fun to make it a challenge.  Rebecca Cooper shared an idea on her blog to photograph your community!  (The pictures are from her blog--she lives on a small island in the Caribbean.) Wouldn't that be fun to take pictures of where you live right now, so you can remember "when" in 20 years?  I would seriously LOVE to have pictures from my childhood of the town I grew up in!

I challenge you to go around your community and record the way it is now!  I promise, you'll be glad you did!


rebecca said...

what an AWESOME blog!! thanks so much for sharing out little photo project. :) Rebecca

Melanie said...

Thank YOU! that challenge was so fun! WIth Challenge #3 i am still stumped, but with the Bonus Challenge I was so inspired! Yeah!