Fast Fact Friday #6

It's finally Friday!  I love Fridays!

We have a special edition of Fast Fact Friday this week--all to do with the up-coming holiday of love. TIMC reader, Katie, submitted the questions for us today.  (Remember you too can submit questions for a FFF!  Just email me emils24(at)gmail(dot)com to submit!)

Here are this week's questions:
1.  Do you like Valentine's day?
2.  What is one Valentine tradition you have?
3.  Who do you want to be your valentine?
4.  What was the funniest valentine you ever received?
5. What do you want to get from your valentine this year?

If you want to share the "love" of Fast Fact Friday, I've moved the code over to the right sidebar--that way it's always there! Also, I added a "Pin It" if you want to put it on Pinterest!

Here's a look at my answers:
1. It's my favorite low-key holiday! I love spreading love!
2. Um, don't really have any at all, other than giving out valentines!
3. My hot hubby.
4. Before I met my hubby, this guy I'd gone on two dates with, gave me a dozen red roses, a giant box of chocolates and a stuffed animal. I didn't really care for him in a more than friends way, nor did I think that he felt anything for me, but I found out that day that he really liked me.  It was rather awkward. For both of us.
5. A "Happy Valentine's Day" and maybe a love note--that would beat last year's V-day. We were at Disneyland and I'm pretty sure he totally forgot all about V-day.


Laura T. said...

Fun questions ... I have to print out those cute valentine printables you sent out a few weeks ago. Will be fun for my kids to give my husband.

Sam said...

Awesome idea for the themed FFF. This will be my first fast fact sheet. I hope to go back and get the others done ASAP. Thanks!! :)