Challenge #41—Love Story

Since yesterday was Valentine’s day—the day of love—I thought it’d be fun to do a challenge all about love, your love!  Now, if you aren’t in a relationship right now, don’t think you can dismiss this challenge just yet, I have something for you too!  So…

What is your love story?


If you’re short on time, you can just write up the short version.  If you have a bit more time, you can write more details.  You can focus on meeting your love, or when you realized you fell in love.  You can record your feelings you had when you decided to get serious or exclusive.  You can also make a simple timeline:  when you met, your fist kiss, the first time you told each other you loved the other, engagement, wedding, kids, etc.  You can focus on why you love your significant other, or the qualities that you admire.

If you are not currently in a relationship, you have a few fun options!  Really!  You can make a layout or list describing your perfect mate.  You can record love disasters—like one-way relationships, bad relationships, fails or embarrassing or funny dating stories.  Describe your dream wedding, or how you’d like your engagement to play out!  Make a list of all your “kisses”, tell how it happened.  If you’re daring enough, you can even write about a break-up or broken heart.  See, there’s lots you can do for this challenge.  And these suggestions aren’t limited to single people either—anyone can do them!

What Laura did:

What a perfect week to do a layout about my love story.  Our story began in the late eighties, but didn't really "start" until the mid-90's.  This is our story.

(photos taken 1995)

Seriously, how cute is Laura’s story?  They were truly meant to be together!

What I did:

Well, I thought it’d be fun to do something a little different than I normally do, and since it was a topic about our love story, I had my husband write his version of it.  (Bribery may have been given out…)  But of course I had to write my version too. Winking smile  My original plan was to make a 2 page layout—one side for Quinn, one side for me.  I was only going to put the circle pictures on there, one with each story.  But, the stories were both 2 pages long and just didn’t fit unless the print was like 5 pt, so I printed them off in 8 1/2 x 11 (at a readable font) and stuck it in between the 2 pages which I turned into two pages of pictures of us together throughout our courtship.  I designed it though so that only the circle pictures were shown on the right side when you first look at the layout.  (Does that make sense?)  Here’s a picture of what it looks like when you open the album up to that page. 


Then you have the stories.


And finally see the pictures on the second page. 


This is what it would look like if you took the stories out.  Just in case you were wondering…


So it’s definitely not a normal layout.  But it’s a great method if you are doing your challenges in scrapbook format and have LOTS of journaling!  (And obviously I could’ve saved a couple of hours and not even done the scrapbook page…but I love to scrapbook and I love my honey, so…yes, I spent time on it!)

Page credits:  Background paper: The Girls Paperie.  Red patterned paper: My Minds Eye.  Title rub-ons: Colorbok.  Glitter hearts: Scrapworks.  Other rub-ons and word strip stickers: unknown. 

And because it’s the season of love, I have a couple of freebies!  (Please remember that freebies are for blog followers, and are only for private use.) 

The first one is a Fast Form.  It’s pretty simple—most of it is writing, but this would be a great option if you’re in a hurry or if you are interviewing a loved one to get their love story!

TIMC--Fast Form Love Story

The second freebie is actually 4 different Valentine’s or love digital papers. (One is the same only distressed.)  You can use them for digi scrapping or print them off to use for any other projects of love!  Click on the papers you want to download!  (Paper downloads will be good for one week.)

Pink Dotted Hearts  Valentine Stripe DistressedValentine Stripe  XO1

♥ Now I challenge you to record your love story! ♥

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