Fast Fact Friday—Personal History in Depth #2

Well, well, well…it’s finally Friday!  I’m so glad it is too!

This Is Me Challenge Fast Fact Friday Personal History in Depth

It’s time for our second Fast Fact Friday focusing on getting our personal history recorded in depth.  You can go into as much detail as you choose, or if you’d rather you can keep it fairly simple.  It just depends on your mood, the time you have to do it in, and how much you want others to know about you (especially once you’re gone).  Smile

Today’s theme is “The Early Years”.

Here are today’s 5 prompts:

1. Where did you grow up?

2.  What is your earliest memory?

3.  What are some of your favorite childhood memories?
(Any fun places and games you played, traditions you had, holidays, certain places your home, yard or neighborhood, etc.)

4. Which schools did you attend?

5. Who were some of your best friends?
(Do you still keep in touch with them?)

And there we have it!  Simple, easy and a great way to get your personal history recorded week by week! 

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