The Greatest Gift

Today, one of my friends was speaking in Church about her father.  She told about the many reasons she loved him, and some lessons he had taught her.  She was devastated when her father was diagnosed with cancer, and given only a short time to live. 

She begged both of her parents to get their personal history done, but thinking they probably wouldn’t get it done before her father passed away.  At Christmas, her whole family was together, and her parents handed her and her siblings exquisitely wrapped packages.  They all opened the packages to find a complete personal history of both of her parents!  She said that this was the greatest gift she’d ever received, and truly treasures it.  Her father passed away shortly thereafter. 

Wow.  Just wow.  When I heard that story, I felt so grateful that I am working on my personal history right now!  I could wait until the day when my children are older to work on my personal history, but who knows, I could die next week and then they’d never have it.  They would only have their own memories of me and not really know who I was before they were even born! 

I challenge you to get working on your own personal history!  The weekly challenges are a fun and simple way to start on it, but if you have more time to devote to it, go to the tab on top that says, “Personal History In Depth”.  There you will find a complete list of questions that you can answer and start writing your own history, so that someday you can pass it on to those you love.  I promise that it will be one of the greatest gifts you could ever give!

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MiMi's Studio said...

I found your blog via Becky Higgins and this idea is fabulous as I too, have been thinking of doing exactly the same things for my two (soon to be 3) young grandbabies! My mom and dad both passed away in 2002 and 2004 and just a few short years before I had asked them to do the same thing for me - to write down some memories from their childhood. First my mom did one Christmas, hers was a little more elaborate. And then, the following year, my dad did the same. They truly are THE greastest gifts my parents EVER gave me and I cherish them to this day! Thank you for your blog, which is just nudging me along in doing what has been on my heart to do. God Bless you! :o)