Challenge #8--I Admit It…

Addictions. Everyone has them. Some people are addicted to bad things, some are addicted to good things. Some people won’t admit it, and other’s happily admit it!

This week’s challenge: What are some addictions that you have?

You can focus on one addiction, or you can record all of them. You can make a list of them and tell why. You can take a picture of each one and make a slideshow or scrapbook page of them. You can record in detail what you’ve done to try and stop this addiction, or you can say nothing at all about it. You can laugh about it, or get serious about it. Write a song or a poem about it. It’s up to you how you want to record it!


What I did:

I took a picture of one of my addictions—lip junk as my hubby calls it. I took it on a white background so that I could blend it onto a white blank document in Photoshop. Then I just wrote about my addiction to lip junk. Simple. Easy. Here’s how it turned out:

addicted i

Fonts: Cry Kitty and Pea Laura, both from Kevin and Amanda’s Fonts for Peas. Check out Amanda’s site for tons of cute fonts for FREE! We love free! (Thanks, Amanda!)

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