Fast Fact Friday #19

Wowza…we are 19 weeks in to the FFF already!  How time flies...!  (In fact, I was just thinking yesterday that 2012 is almost half over already.  Am I the only one who is a little freaked out over that?)

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This week’s theme is “school”, and once again I had some fabulous help from some FB fans!  Thanks, Jane, Allison and Tara for the wonderful questions!  You can apply these questions to school in general for all the years you went, pick a grade and focus on it, or pick a school (like say Junior High). 

1.  How did you get to school?

2. What was your favorite first day of school?

3. What was an embarrassing moment you had in school?

4. Who was your favorite teacher?  (Why?)

5.  What was your favorite school lunch?


I decided that I wanted to focus on High School (10-12th grades) for my answers. 

1.  I walked.  We lived a half mile away, and I loved it!
2.  The first day of my senior year was my favorite in High School.  It was the earliest that school had ever started, and the first year that I went to school on my birthday.  It was fun to walk down the halls and had so many people tell me happy birthday, and I even got my locker decorated for the first time.
3.  My friend and I both had a crush on this hot guy who was in our English class.  We were walking down the hall talking about him and as we walked into English we realized he was right behind us.  I think it took 10 minutes for my face to become un-red. 
4. Mr. Lot.  He taught History (11th grade), and because of how fun he made it, I found that I loved it a lot.  I even considered minoring in it.
5.  Oh boy.  I’m ashamed to admit this now, but I usually went to the junk food line and bought a shake and a cookie.  Not what I would choose nowadays for sure. 

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