Bonus Challenge #9

Since today is Mother’s Day (at least in the U.S. and maybe some other countries too), I thought it’d be fun to do a mom-themed challenge!  This one is just for moms, though you can always tweak it about what you are looking forward to in being a mother, or write it about your own mother.  (Or you can always do Bonus Challenge #1, which was the bonus challenge last Mother’s Day.)

What do you love about being a mother?

To do this challenge, you can write a simple list of the perks you find in motherhood, you can write about the things you did you prepare to be a mother, you can record some of your favorite motherhood moments, or even some of the things your kids do that make your heart melt.

What I did:

I just made started making a simple digital scrapbook layout describing my desires to be a mother when I was a little girl, the kind of mother I was going to be, and the reality of my life as a mother, as well as some of things I love about my boys.

mother copy

I have not finished this yet—obviously.  I wanted to find a picture of me as a little girl, then one when my first son was born (when I became a mother), and then the last one I will take with my boys for Mother’s Day this year.  The template is from Scrapping With Liz, and I haven’t even done anything more to it than move around a few of the elements.  I really liked the colors of it, so I’m still trying to decide whether to add in digital paper & elements or just keep it.

Now I challenge you to record what you love about being a mother!

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