Simple Things Sunday

Almost everyday I have one of those heart fluttering moments.  You know, one of those surprise moments that emits pure happiness.  One of my boys holding my hand or giving me a surprise kiss.  Seeing one of my boys give his brother a random hug.  A certain look from my husband that still gives me butterflies.  Watching my boys laugh.  Seeing my husband “wrestling” with the boys.  There are so many simple, happy times that happen in my life—and often they come and go so quickly that they are but a fleeting memory. 

Awhile ago, I extended a bonus challenge to record some simple things in your life.  I’m once again extending that challenge—because it’s really not just a one-time thing.   And as for me, I’m going to be linking up to the Simple Things Sunday at least twice a month—an accountability if you will, to help remind me to look more for the simple, everyday things in my life, and to record them too!  My boys will not be this young forever, and I want to remember these special, simple moments.  Moments that make my heart pitter-patter!

So, here’s my first one of 2012:  Christmas day was filled with excitement for all of us.  My in-laws came over in the afternoon, the time my twins usually go down for naps, so we kept them up.  Pretty soon we could see their eyelids getting heavy, and my oldest twin laid down on his big brothers new sleeping bag and fell asleep under the lights of the Christmas tree.  It was too perfect and precious to not photograph!

I was playing around a bit with post-processing, and came across this lovely, dreamy finish.  Which do you like better?
Actions used: Hushabye from the Lilly Action Set from MiaBella Boutique, Florida and New York from Everyday Elements.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet!

Genie said...

This is my first visit to Simple Things, and I am loving every minute I am spending looking at the posts this week. It’s a real treat for sore eyes tonight. This photo is toooo cute not to include...I agree with you. Adoreable. Is that a bit of red hair I am seeing? I tried 3 times to have a red headed child to no avail. FINALLY got one grandchild out of 6 with curly red hair and I am thrilled to seat. Take care, happy new year, and I hope I will see you again next week. Genie

TanyaBeth said...

aw, so precious! Love the bokeh too!

rebecca said...

this is SUCH a darling photo!! :) so happy you shared and I'm beyond thrilled to have you join in the simple things sunday fun this year!! Look forward to stopping by your blog more throughout 2012! Happy New Year! :)

Sherri said...

I've read many times that every picture should tell a story and yours sure does! Both photos are wonderful but I do love the dreamy look!

Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and a little bit vintage said...

adorable! happy new year! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww how lovely. Happy New Year to you.