Challenge #34 (Part 3)—Traditions

This month has been super busy!  I meant to get this post up on Tuesday, but here it is now Friday and I’m finally getting around to it…IMG_5753i

As I mentioned in the previous post, I decided to put all my Christmas scrapbook pages together and make one album just of Christmas memories.  I was only going to put traditions in there, but then I figured I’d put everything Christmas-y in it: traditions and events.  This way we can look in it every year at Christmas time and remember our traditions as well as what we’ve done differently each year.  I don’t always record every tradition we do each year, so I thought this album would give a good overview.  (If you celebrate Hanukah, Kwanza, or any other holiday, you can make an album of just that.  It’s not limited to Christmas only—I’m just writing about Christmas because that’s what we celebrate.)

And if you are not a scrapbooker, I think a traditions album could be made in many ways!  If you like to write, you can write a list of all the things you did each season, or write stories about it.  If you like to take photos, but don’t scrapbook, you can put them all in one holiday album.  If you are a blogger, you can make a page or a post on your blog that links to every post you’ve written on your holiday. 

So, here’s a look at my album.  I bought this simple red linen album at Michael’s a couple weeks ago.  I used a coupon and it came out to like $12.  It has a small window in the front that I just used some scrapbook supplies to fancy it up.  When the album is full, I think I will use some of the white space to write the years that are included on the front of it.


I put all of my Christmas pages in the album: Christmas day, preparations, gingerbread houses, going to see the lights, parties, etc.  Anything that related to Christmas.  I put sticker tabs on the first page of each year and labeled the years since I didn’t write the year on every layout—because I do my family’s album by year.  IMG_5759iYes, it took some time, but I pulled all of the Christmas pages out of my family scrapbooks.  I figure that we’ll know we did stuff for Christmas, because all we need to do is look in this album, right? Some years (like 2003 and 2004), I only have one page for the whole season.  Other years I have multiple layouts, so the tabs are necessary for our album!  I also thought about using the scrapbook dividers that Becky Higgins sells, but they aren’t available until January, and I wanted to get this done.  But that’s another option if you are more patient than me! 

The tabs are an idea to add if you want to just do a simple photo album.  Also, you can grab a 4x6 piece of paper and quickly jot about some of your pictures on it if there’s not room for journaling in the album.

Another idea:  along with the layouts of things we did, I decided to start making a layout of our Christmas card and letter we sent out to everyone.  It’s a great summary of our whole year and what went on for the year.  (I started this in 2008, and it’s fine that I don’t have it for previous years, so don’t fret if you haven’t kept track of these kinds of things!)


See, I’ve already gotten this year’s card and letter done! Smile 


One thing I really love about this album, is it’s fun to see how we’ve grown and changed from year to year.  This is something you don’t notice as much in a regular album from a whole year. 

(Supplies: It just so happens that all of the papers, stickers, etc. that I’ve shown you are from SEI.  Glitter glue on front cover, Studio G.  Album, Michael’s.)

Now I challenge you to get recording your own holiday memories and traditions—and making some as well! Smile  Happy holidays!

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