Challenge #22—Senses

About a month ago, I was opening a new package of diapers and thought to myself, “Mmm, I love this smell!”.  Crazy, huh? I figured if I told anyone that, they’d think I was CRAZY!  Then I got to thinking about other funny things I love to smell or taste or touch, and then I thought, “Wouldn’t this make a fun challenge?”  So, here it is:

What are some of your favorite things to use your senses for?
To do this challenge you can think of one or two things for each sense (smell, hear, taste, touch, or see) and focus on that.  You can think of just one crazy thing and record it in detail (like if I were writing a whole paragraph about my love of sniffing fresh diapers), or you can make a list of all the things you love to use your senses for.  (If I hadn’t done a scrapbook page, I’d make a table in Word and just list as many things as I could think of for each sense.)  You can do normal things for each—like your favorite thing to do with each sense, or you can think of the not-so-ordinary, funny and silly things.  (I just thought it’d be fun though to do something different!)

Now, this may sound crazy, but really, wouldn’t it be fun for my kids to know that I loved squeezing their chubby thighs when they were babies and toddlers? (Which I’m not going to be able to do much longer because the twins are 2 1/2 now and the chubbiness is going away. Sad smile)  Or for my grandkids to know that I loved hearing the clicking sound of the shutter on my new camera?  Or that I even paid attention to that detail? 
Anyway…on with the examples!
 Here’s a look at what Kim did:
I chose to spotlight 2 of each sense on my private blog designed just for these challenges.
Favorite smells:
Fresh Rain

Fantastic Sams Shampoo (I don't think I've been to Fantastic Sams since I was in High School, but I can still imagine the smell of their shampoo when I think about it.)

Favorite Sights: (Oddly enough, both of these scare me as well... but I still love to see them)

Shooting Stars

Favorite Sounds:

The sound of my husbands heart beating.

Favorite things to feel:
Hands on a hot chocolate cup on a cold day.

Down feather blankets.

Favorite Tastes:
Mint/Chocolate combinations

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Here’s a look at the scrapbook layout I did:
funny senses TIMC
Credits: Messy stitches, Nisa Fiin, Fonts: Tabitha (the cursive looking one), Jenna Sue (the handwriting one), Sidewalk (the parenthesis).  All other papers and elements are my creations.

This layout is available for followers of the TIMC to download for free!  It will only be available for one week, until the next challenge comes out, so don’t delay! 

You can download the PSD version here.  *PSD Note—I left all the writing on, except the journaling.  You will need to download the above free fonts if you don’t have them already, or you can substitute with your own favorite fonts.  Because of copyright issues, I can’t leave the stitching on in the PSD format, so you’ll have to put a stitching on that you have already, if you desire. 

The PNG quick page version is found here.  *PNG Note—I left the numbers on (over the pictures and on the journaling tag).  You will have to add the title and words on the pictures if you want to.  I did this so you can use this layout for something else that numbers 1-5 too!

Now, go out there and record your senses!
(And don’t forget to mark the appropriate boxes below!)

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Meredith said...

mmmmm, chicken cordon bleu! yum. squared. ;)