Bonus Challenge #5—Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?

Today’s bonus challenge has a special place in my heart.   It’s the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks—a day that I remember all too well.  And though I live thousands of miles away, and didn’t know anyone personally who died or who was affected by this tragedy, I was in college and therefore old enough to remember it well.

I’m not sure how people outside of the U.S. felt about this day, so the title for the challenge comes from the song by Alan Jackson and not with the assumption that I think the whole world felt the same way those in the U.S. did.  (I would be interested in knowing though, if you want to leave a comment!)  If this affected you in any way, I encourage you to record your thoughts on it in commemoration of the 10 year anniversary of this tragedy.  It may be hard to do, but I also know that recording tragic times can help with the healing process as well.

I made this scrapbook page to post on my personal blog. 

10 years ago TIMC

I actually visited New York City in 1995, and put a picture I took of the towers on it.  Then I visited again in 2003, and put a picture of our visit to ground zero.  I found a 9/11 picture online (here on ABC’s site) for the middle picture.  Fonts: My Own Topher, Century Gothic.  The background is just a picture of a flag that I took. 

Here are a couple of good videos I found.  I loved watching these again because it really helped me recall my feelings on this day 10 years ago.  (Beware—these are tear jerkers, so grab some tissues.)

Video #1—Sung by Alan Jackson

Video #2—Sung by The Hit Crew  (I really loved the images in this one.)

If you are looking for some images to put with your challenge, I found this site, that to the best of their knowledge, are permissible to use. 

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