Challenge #21—Mr. Sandman

This week’s challenge will have you thinking about something we all do: sleep!  But we all have different ways we like to sleep, so…

What are your sleep habits?

Do you have to have a night light or complete darkness?  Can you sleep anywhere, or does it have to be YOUR bed?  Do you get enough sleep?  Do you like certain positions, pillows, beds or sheets?  Can you take naps?  Do you feel rested when you wake up in the morning?  Think about all the factors of your sleeping time and record them! 

What I did:  I made a digital scrapbook page explaining why my husband thinks I’m such a picky sleeper.

sleep habits timc
Credits: Scalloped circle: Nisa FiinMessy Stitches, Nisa FiinBrushes: Jodie Lee.   Fonts:  Smiley Monster, Spicy Sushi Roll, CK Cursive

Now, the exciting part about this layout, is that I’m sharing it with you!  I hope to be able to do this with all future challenges!  That way all you have to do is provide the information and now you have no excuses about NOT getting challenges done, right?  Winking smile (Of course, you can always use it for any other challenge or even for something entirely different...)

Oh, and did I mention, that these are FREE?!?  Yep, they are!  There are two versions available, the PSD template for those who are using Photoshop and want some flexibility.  The second version is a PNG quickpage where you just plug your picture in and type up your title and journaling.  (PNG’s work with most scrapbook programs.)  But be quick, because they will only be good until the next challenge comes out!

I am asking you, pretty, pretty please, that if you do download one or both, that you make sure you are a follower of the This Is Me Challenge.  You can follow either on the right side bar, or up on the top left blogger strip. 
*If you’d like to download the PSD template, click here. (For followers of this blog!)
*If you’d like to download the PNG quick page, click here. (For followers of this blog!)

And if these don’t work, please let me know!  (I can always just email the version you want.) This is the first time I’ve tried this, so I’m not sure how it’s all going to work out…

Now, I challenge you to go record your sleep habits…well, maybe after your nap…!

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Melissa said...

I love your blog... I actually blogged about it and posted this weeks challenge at www.couponomy.blogspot.com

I've got a couple of blogs but I'm in transition of combining them all so it's a mess at the momment...
but I just wanted to take a minute and say "hi" and I'm looking forward to exploring your blog.