Fast Fact Friday #12

Can you believe that it’s Friday already?  I don’t know about you, but this week flew by for me…and I got nothing done!  Here’s another round of Fast Fact Friday! 

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Reader Samantha has (once again) asked these questions.  Thank you Sam for all your FFF questions that you’ve come up with!  Anyone can ask questions—all 5 or just 1.  They can all 5 be in a theme or all random.  Email me if you’d like to help out with FFF!  {emils24(at)gmail(dot)com}

This week’s topic is first job:

1.  What/where was your first job?

2.  How old were you?

3.  How did you get there?

4.  How long did you work there?

5.  What did you like/dislike about it?


Here’s a look at my answers:

1.  I was a paper carrier for the local city newspaper.

2.  13 I think.

3. The papers were dropped off at my house around 4 am every Wed.

4.  Until I was 16, then I got a “real” job!

5.  Liked:  I walked my route, so it was good exercise to carry that paper bag full of newspapers!  I had money and a job, which was more than some of my friends had!
It was dark outside and I never thought it was scary until one time a neighbor asked me if I was scared there might be mean dogs, rapists/abductors/murderers, etc. lurking in the shadows.  I was scared out of my wits after that!   I had always worn my Walkman to listen to music while doing my route, but after that question I was too scared to be distracted by music.  Also I was quite embarrassed about my “job” so I never told anyone, and the boy I liked lived on the route so I was always scared that he’d see me!

Ahh, so many memories. 

Have a great weekend!


Ainsley said...

Fun list...brought back some "work" memories!

Laura T. said...

Haven't thought about this in awhile ... fun questions. Will be posting the answers on my blog today.