Challenge #2 Review—Choices

Today is the day we’re going to start reviewing challenges.  This is in part to lighten my load, and in part to make it possible for others to catch up who are new or a bit behind.  If you are all caught up and have time, you can always redo this challenge with a different sort of subject or in a different way.   The original challenge can be found here.  It has my finished challenge on it as well as the music video that was the inspiration for me to issue it.  I recommend watching it!

What are some choices in your life that may have affected where you are now?Choices

You could also record about some smaller choices you’ve made and what effect they had on your life.  Maybe at the time you thought it was no big deal but now realize that the consequences have had a large effect (for good or bad).  It could be something you did as a child, a teenager, or as an adult.  You can focus on something funny, something sad or something that you’ve never done again!  It could even be something you did last week!  If you need some ideas of how to record this challenge, see this list!

What Laura did:

For this week’s prompt, I could have gone in many different directions of what kind of layout I was going to create.  I decided to go with a choice that I made in the seventh grade … one about my hair.


The journaling in my layout reads …

In 1986, I was in the seventh grade.  Up to that point, my hair was very thick, and just kind of “wavy.”  That was until my best friend Suzanne decided that she was going to get her hair cut and layered.

Well, I needed to be just like her and decided to get my hair layered too.  Looking back now after all of these years, that was probably one of the worst CHOICES that I ever made.

I have wondered so many times since then that if I hadn’t gotten my hair layered way back when, would my hair still only be “wavy,” and not so “curly.”

---Note:  I love two things about Laura’s layout:  she focused on one little choice she made a long time ago, and I love how she used the snowflake as part of her flower accent!  How clever!

What I did:

Since I’d done this challenge previously, I thought that I’d do it on something different, but my mind was totally drawing blanks as to what I could do.  So instead of doing a challenge I made a freebie.  I hope you’re cool with that.  Winking smile  And this is a new type of freebie I’ve never done before—word art/printable/embellishment.  You can print it out small and use it as a traditional scrapbook element, use it digitally, or print it out and frame it!  (I sized it at an 8x10.)

To download, please click on the picture.  Please remember that freebies are for blog followers—payment for my time if you will!  Smile  Thanks!  (Freebie downloads can expire at anytime.)


And just for fun, this is a new video that talks about choices and making the best of life by Mercy River.  I love this song and the album it’s on.  (I’ve listened to the CD, oh, about 50 time already!)

Now, I challenge you to record about some important—or not so important—choices you’ve made!

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Laura T. said...

Love the song ... I'll be adding that one to my playlist on my phone.