Fast Fact Friday #11

It's time for another round of Fast Fact Friday! Are you ready?

This week's FFF questions are all random "Favorites"!
(Remember that you can submit 1-5 questions for a FFF--it doesn't need to be a theme either!  Email me emils24(at)gmail(dot)com with your questions and I'll get them on a future FFF!)

Here are the questions:
1.  What is your favorite drink?  (How often do you drink it?)
2.  Who is your favorite team?
3.  How do you like your steak?
4.  What is your favorite toothpaste?
5.  Where is your favorite place to shop?

And in celebration of our first 10 weeks of Fast Fact Fridays, I typed up a list of all of them and put them on a pdf that you can download here if you want to use these questions to ask other family members, for dinnertime conversation starters, or even to just write them down!  Enjoy!

My quick answers:
1. Water--as often as I can.  Pretty much all I drink.
2. Whichever ones my sons are playing on
3. Not at all--not a big red meat fan, it just grosses me out.
4. Crest Pro Health.  Only kind I buy for me!
5. Can I say Amazon?  Love that I can buy almost anything I need, plus I live in the country, so it's nice to get free super saver shipping!

1 comment:

Laura T. said...

I love amazon too. Love getting Amazon gifts cards too.