Challenge #45—Play Ball…Or Not…

This challenge may have you thinking physical, and though not all of us are “sporty”, most of us have participated in some kind of sports sometime in our lives!  Of course, maybe some of us never have either…

What sports did/do you participate in?

You can focus on just one favorite sport you participated in, make a list of everything you’ve done sports-wise, or tell about a specific experience (like miraculously making a team you tried out for), or if you haven’t really had lots of experience in anything you can talk about that! 

Also remember, that there are more sports than just the basketball, baseball, soccer and football types.  Cheer, dance, swimming, gymnastics, golf, bowling, curling, running, and pool are all sports!  (Plus many more!)

What Laura did:

I was not much of a athlete in school (not today either).  For this week's challenge, I put a layout together highlighting some of my sports  "experiences." 


What Rachel did:

TIMC sports may 2012-001

Credits:  My Memories digital software and Quick page made by Jamie B with "Designs by Connie Prince" design team. Quick page was made using "Make a Difference" kit by Connie Prince and Trixie Scraps. Font used: Arial and Scrap Casual.

What I did:

First I made a list of the sports I’ve done on a more regular basis.  (So, not bowling or playing pool on dates…)  Then I wrote a bit about the ones that I decided to highlight.  I decided to use a page protector from Becky Higgins, to put it all together in an easy fashion. 

Sports 1

(Yes, I know this isn’t a very girlie layout, but really, I struggle with girlie since I have all boys…plus I found the cute stickers in my stash and the Cobalt collection of cardstock just went so well with them!)

Sports 2

Sports 3

Credits:  Page protector (Design F), card stock (Cobalt collection), white journaling cards (3x4 grid design)—Becky Higgins.  Stickers—My Memories and unknown.  Pen: Pilot G2.

Now I challenge you to record your sports stories! (Or not… Winking smile)

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