Fast Fact Friday—Personal History in Depth #4

This Is Me Challenge Fast Fact Friday Personal History in Depth

It’s time for another round of Fast Fact Friday—Personal History in Depth version! 

We are going to back track a little and go more in depth in certain areas for the next few weeks instead of continuing on in the timeline. Today there are only 3 questions, since they are pretty deep and may take awhile.  If you’re short on time, just answer these questions with the bare bones and fill in when you have a minute or two.  Smile

Today’s topic is: Home through the years

1.  Tell about the homes you’ve lived in.  (The actual, physical homes—how many bedrooms, in a cool apartment complex, any traits you remember about it, the addresses, etc.)  If you’ve moved a lot, you could record what you do remember about where you lived, or even just make a list of the places you’ve lived. 

2. What was your favorite thing about each home?  (A certain room, the yard, the people, etc.)

3.  What things are special about your home town(s)? (Specific places you visit(ed) often, getting around town, the cool things, the bad things, etc.)

Alrighty, now get to recording! Smile

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