Review of Challenge #5—The ABC’s of Me

It’s time for another review challenge—so those who are new or behind can catch up!  If you have done this one already, you can always do it again in a different way, help someone else get it done, or add upon what you’ve done. (Or you can kick back & relax, put your feet up or take a nap!) 


What is something from each letter of the alphabet that describes you?

Find the original challenge here.  To do this challenge, you can think of one thing for each letter, do multiple things for each letter, or pick a topic in your life and find the ABC’s for just that. 

You can just write them down on a quick list, do a scrapbook page, write a song or make a video.  You could even do a camera scavenger hunt and take a picture of one thing that represents each letter!

This would also be a fun challenge for kids to do in school or at home with you.  (Hello summer (educational) fun!) 

What April did:

I really enjoyed doing this review challenge. It was fun to think of things that represented me starting with each of the letters of the alphabet. I had the vision for this scrapbook page early on in my thought process of this page and it was fun putting my ideas into a physical page.





What Kim did:

I just typed up a simple list of one thing about me right now from each letter.

The ABC's of Me:

A- Alaska Club- My second home-- I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

B- Bored- I hate being bored, I need to have something to do constantly.

C- Children- I love my children, they are the light of my life.

D- Dogs- My favorite type of pet.

E- Eric- the love of my life.

F- Fishing- I love to fish! Especially in Alaska!

G- Goals- I like to set goals and achieve them.

H- Hunting- Not really a passion of mine, but something my husband loves and hopes will rub off on me.

I- Iguana- I used to have a pet Iguana when I was a kid. It's name was Iggy and it didn't live very long. I'm not the best reptile owner.

J- Jumpy- I get scared pretty easily.

K- Kidder- I love to kid around and have fun with people.

L-Laundry- I hate laundry more than anything!

M- Mountains- I love the how majestic and beautiful they are.

O- Outdoors- I love being outdoors, doing anything outdoors, I am totally an outdoorsy girl.

P- Photography- I do photography as a hobby. I love doing children and engagements.

Q- Quiet- When I am in bigger groups I am quiet and reserved.

R- Racquetball- one of my favorite sports that I miss playing terribly.

S- Soccer- My all time favorite sport!

T- Temple- I love the temple and the blessings and promises of the temple.

U- Understanding- I try to be understanding of other people and their situations.

V- Voice- I love to sing. I used to be pretty good at it, but haven't used that talent, so I think I am losing it.

W- Water- one of my biggest fears- like lakes, oceans, rivers; I hate not knowing what's in it.

X- Xylophone- One of the only words that starts with X, but I actually played the xylophone in Jr. High.

Y- Young- I love the age that I am right now.  I almost wish I could freeze life right now.

Z- Zoo- One of my favorite places to go with my family right now.

What I did:

I thought about doing this challenge for my kids this time…then I decided to just improve upon what I did last time, since I just typed it up. The original challenge can be found here—just in case you’re interested in seeing what I did before. 

I went through my sticker stash and just randomly chose stickers from each letter and put them on the paper.  Then I just looked at my old list and used what I’d written before—except for N since it was an “in the future” but is now long passed.  And to be honest, I don’t love it.  It was much cuter in my mind that it turned out.  If I did it again, I think I’d stick with four or five colors and focus on that, or use different chipboard all painted the same color.  Oh well…the next time I do this challenge…right?



Now I challenge you to record the ABC’s of you!  Smile 

Next time will you sing with me? 

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