Challenge #5--Now I know my ABC’s…

Next time won’t you sing with me? Or at least write down your own ABC’s?


This week’s challenge: Think of something about you for each letter of the alphabet! I was pretty random in my approach, but you could do this with a subject: people, food, activities, possessions, or places you’ve been, etc. The sky is the limit!


What I did:

I just opened a new Word document, wrote down the letters of the alphabet and starting thinking of what would best represent me for each letter.

The ABC’s of Me:

A: American Fork—the town I grew up in.

B: Bike riding—my favorite family activity right now.

C: Cinnamon Bears—a guilty temptation (especially chocolate-covered ones!)

D: Dancing—something I wish I had been able to do more with when I was younger.

E: Elephants—my favorite animal. I have quite a collection from around the world, currently in a box that I will pull out when I don’t have small children.

F: Flower faves—tulips, lavender, and daisies.

G: Green apples—my favorite fruit. (Also my favorite color!)

H: Hawaii—my favorite vacation with Quinn, taken just prior to our 3rd anniversary.

I: Ice cream—my favorite evening dessert.

J: Juno—the name I gave my first car.

K: Kids—Carter, Tanner, Riley and Cole.

L: Logan—the town I was born in, and where I went to college.

M: Mom—the name I hear myself being called ALL day long!

N: Next big vacation—Alaska! Going to visit my sister and her family, and see the sites there.

O: Ocean—I love the ocean, and wished I lived by one.

P: Photography—One of my creative passions.

Q: Quinn—my bestest friend in the whole wide world!

R: Read—one of my favorite things to do when I want to do nothing!

S: Scrapbooking—another one of my creative passions. I have finished more than 20 scrapbooks in the 12 or so years I’ve scrapbooked!

T: Teaching—I taught Kindergarten for 2 years, and quit when I was preggo with Carter.

U: “Ultimate Room of Creativity”—the nickname I’ve given my office where I scrapbook, sew, blog, photograph, edit, craft and create!

V: Veggies—I love most of them! Favorites are green beans, peas, raw carrots, asparagus and broccoli.

W: Water—my favorite drink! (Sometimes I’ll drink juice or milk, but I don’t drink soda.)

X: X-Rays—I’ve had two (besides dental). The first was when I broke my right wrist snowboarding. The second one was when I had sharp chest pains. Both happened on April Fool’s Day—2002 and 2004 respectively.

Y: Yo-Yo—Something I never was able to do very well.

Z: Zumba—my new favorite exercise!


As you can see, it’s all VERY random. A little bit from my childhood, a little from now, and even one in the near future.

My plan on this challenge was to take pictures of all of these things, then make a slideshow video with music and everything…but I didn’t have enough time. I am going to be working on it still though, and will post it when I get it done.

So yes, you can do this however you want to do it! Now that I know the ABC’s of me, won’t you jot your ABC’s down too, then next time you can sing with me! Smile (And remember to check the box below if you are going to take this challenge, and mark again when you’ve completed it!)

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Falon210 said...


This is the first challenge I've completed as I've just discovered your facebook page and blog. I really like the idea of your challenges and I'm going to have fun completing them, the previous and upcoming ones =)