Grateful for what she left

Yesterday I went to a funeral. I don't like funerals. They make me sad, and they make me cry.

My great-aunt passed away last week. She was an amazing person. She was so giving, loving, kind, and she was "spunky" just like my grandma (her sister). I am going to miss my Aunt Katie for sure. Being at the funeral, and seeing my grandma's 3 siblings who were there made me miss my grandma. A lot.

She passed away 16 years ago. I knew her really well--she lived just a few blocks from us when I was growing up. She and my grandpa would always take us to lunch on our birthdays. She was the biggest jokester I've ever seen! She was spunky too--it must run in the family! She gave us money to go buy candy for all of us, but we couldn't tell our parents--she was diabetic, so this was a double no no! She wore dentures, and would take them out, then pull her bottom lip over her nose or twist her lips in funny ways. She had the best hugs, would always listen to us, and wasn't afraid to make us work! I loved my grandma to pieces! I thought she was the most amazing woman ever!

After she passed away, I remember reading her journals. She was pretty good at keeping up on her personal history. It was a wonderful way for me to grieve and heal. I loved seeing her insights, her wit, and even her frustrations. It made losing her bearable!

It really hit home to me yesterday, that THIS is why we keep our personal history! I am so grateful that my grandma had taken the time when she was alive, to record who she was, so that I could always remember her! ♥

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