Challenge #6--Dear Me,

The challenge: If you could write a letter and send it to yourself when you were younger, what would you say?

You can choose the age at which to “send” the letter—it can be at 6, at 16, or at 26 (it depends on how old you are now! Winking smile) Choose an age at which you had a lot of choices to make, or that was hard for you. Write a letter to yourself, make a scrapbook page, write a poem, or you can even write a song about it like Brad Paisley did! (Didn’t you know that he does this challenge? He he.)


What I did: I made a digital scrapbook page with the letter to me. I dug through a ton of old photos, and after finding quite a few funny ones to put on Facebook, I finally found one of me at 15—the age I wrote the letter to myself. Here’s a look at what I did.

dear me

Page credits: Quick page from the “One Love Bundle”, no longer available.

Now, take this challenge, and go and write a letter to yourself!

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