Challenge #7--Me. By the number…

Have you ever seen a magazine article or an ad with numbers in bold, and then some information that is pertinent to that number? Well, that is the inspiration for this week’s challenge!

The Challenge: What numbers best represent you?

You can do this a couple of different ways. You can make a list from 0-10 (or even to 20!), and think of something about you for each number. You can also write a list of some things you’d like to share and figure out the numbers for each thing.

I’ve thought about some things to give you a jump-start:

Places I’ve lived.

Years I was in formal schooling.

Years I have been married/dating.

My age.

Number of children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews/brothers/sisters/etc.

Pairs of shoes/ties/jeans/sweaters/etc. I currently own.

Bedrooms in my current home.

Times I’ve been a patient at the hospital.

Pets I’ve had.

Times I’ve been outside the U.S.

Hours of sleep I get each night.

Minutes I spend getting ready for the day.

Projects I’m currently working on.

Vacations I’ve been on this year.

Traffic tickets I’ve gotten.

Accidents I’ve been in.

Childhood friends I’m still in contact with.

Countries I’ve visited.

Continents I’ve visited.

Boyfriends I had.

States I’ve lived in.

Countries I’ve lived in.

Continents I’ve lived on.

Boys/girls I kissed.

Cavities I’ve had.

Years I was/have been in the military.

Years at my current job.

Years playing instrument/sport.

Hobbies I’m currently passionate about.

Paid jobs I’ve had.

Years until I retire.

Foods I’m allergic to.

Cars I’ve owned.

Eyeglass prescriptions I’ve had.

Minutes/hours I read each day.

Mountain peaks I’ve climbed.

Times I’ve been bungee jumping/skydiving.

Times I brush my teeth each day.

Times I change my clothes each day.

Minutes/hours I spend on the computer/facebook/blog/etc. each day.

And yes, the list can go on and on…!


What I did:

I went through this list, and decided which things I wanted to highlight. I made a 12x12 scrapbook page, similar to a magazine ad I saw. I wanted to put a cute picture of me on there too, but alas, I am always the one behind the lens and I seriously couldn’t find anything but the picture I already used on a challenge.

Here’s a look at my page.

me by the numbers i

This is just another version, using only the numbers 0-10. me by the numbers copy 2i You don’t have to make a scrapbook page though—you can just write it down in a journal or word processing document. You can write a simple poem or jingle about it. You can even take pictures that represent these things and put them on your blog or make a slideshow with music if you want! The possibilities are endless on how you can record this week’s challenge!

Now, go write down your own numbers! Smile

Scrapbook Credits: Paper, scallops and stitching: Creativity by Crystal, Fonts: Cooper Standard, Pushkin, and CK Higgins Handprint.


lizwiththree said...

that's a good one!!! ali edwards did something on numbers too...maybe that is a sign that i should scrap some numbers!! he he cute blog

Heather said...

I love this!]
I love your blog!
I'm totally adding this to my feed reader- I'm so glad you commented on my Umbrella/Parachute post at HowDoesShe today, because I got to find your blog! :)

~Heather Lynne