Challenge #17—You say “Yes”, I say “No”

Isn’t it great that we all have an easy time saying yes or no to different things?  I can’t imagine how dull this world would be if we all liked and disliked the same things—and wouldn’t it be great to let those who come after you know what you say “yes” and “no” to?

This week’s challenge:  What are 5 (or 10) things you have a hard time saying “yes” to, and what are 5 (or 10) things you have a hard time saying “no” to?

To do this challenge, you can focus on one area, like types of food, activities, shopping, things to do with your family, etc.  You can just do this in general as well (like Lindsey and I both did).  Have fun with this, and record what you like to say yes or no to! 
What Lindsey said and did: (I love this!)

“As you can probably all tell, I am a very geometric/simple scrapbooker. I love having pictures tell the story- especially because I am creating these pages for a "this is me RIGHT NOW" journal.

If I was to journal these pages, this is what each picture represents: (teal page/ hard saying yes to) L to R, top to bottom: dishes, late nights, movie theaters, fast food, long drives, flossing my back teeth (because its MURDER getting the floss in and out of there- but i still do it), laundry, facebook games (and everyone is ALWAYS sending me invites and such), energy drinks, and filling my gas tank all the way full (because $60 is a LOT of money to spend on something so stupid!).

(Black page/ hard saying no to) L to R, top to bottom: BASEBALL! (especially the red sox), starbucks, livewire mountain dew (and its only here for a limited time... eeek!), my neices, books, vacuuming (im crazy, i know.  but i LOVE vacuuming), my dog scout (who is a puggle), flip flops, kit kats, and football (especially the colts and my dear peyton manning).”
Supplies: black and teal dcwv paper.  stampabilities ink in baby blue and black, fiskars 2" circle punch, american crafts thickers in shoe box (black "yes!"), american crafts thickers in smoothie (teal "no!"), white pen is a galexy marker in milky way white (dont really recommend... but its the only white i had left that worked!), and the black was a bic grip marker (for the thickness).
What I did:

I had an insanely busy week, so I went for fast and simple this challenge—I made a list, right here, right now, on the blog!   (This is seriously the thing I love most about these challenges—I can put as much or as little time into it as I have time for, then I can always go back and add pictures, make a scrapbook page, or take a video if I want to!)  
5 Things I Have a Hard Time Saying “No” To:
1.  Snuggling with my boys, especially when they need “mommy loves”.  I will drop anything for those!
2.  Helping out friends or family who ask for a favor—even if it’s something I don’t want to do.
3.  Old fashioned doughnuts, Red Vines, and cinnamon bears.
4.  Doing photo shoots—I love my camera and photoshop too much, plus earning a little extra money to buy new photo equipment is a perk!
5.  Buying products at home parties (like Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Lia Sophia, etc.)—even if I have no interest in the product, I almost always feel guilty if I don’t get something.

5 Things I Have a Hard Time Saying “Yes” To:
1.  Letting the boys eat junk food.
Going anywhere in public with the boys alone.  Two two-year olds make EVERYTHING difficult.  Add a four year old who doesn’t listen and a 6 year old on top of that, and you’re just asking for trouble.  (Though the 6 year old is very helpful.)
3.  Facebook games—I get lots of invites to those, and let’s face it, I don’t really have time to sit at a computer and play all day…  (Thanks for the idea, Lindsey!)
4.  Movie theaters—I’d rather watch movies at home where I can pause, lounge, and eat whatever I want at a fraction of the price.  (Another idea I stole from Lindsey’s page!)
5.  Going to home parties (unless I KNOW I want to get something), because it’s easier to not go to them and not feel guilty…

Now I challenge you to record your “yesses” and “no’s”!!!
Remember that there is a little box at the bottom of each post to check if you accept this challenge!  Come back and mark the other one when you finish it too!  It helps me know that you like these challenges and also gives you a measure of responsibility to accomplish it!  I don’t know who marks the boxes either, I just see the numbers.)

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