Simple Things Sunday

So far, so good on my goal to capture the simple moments of my life!  This is the second Simple Things Sunday I’m linking up to for January! 

I thought this was so precious the other evening when I noticed my 7 year old reading to my 2 year olds!  I had told them all to go read, but didn’t expect them to all sit in the recliner reading together.  I tell you, nothing makes this momma’s heart go pitter patter more than seeing moments like these! 


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Kim said...

That is the sweetest thing! I love seeing my boys read together...nothing sweeter :)

Laura said...

Love this sweet moment that you've captured! What a testament to your parenting - instilling a love of reading in your children will do so much for them!

rebecca said...

moments like those are the BEST thing ever! Love this photo so much! thanks for sharing with us and YAY for week two of the simple things. Love having you along on this journey!! :)