Challenge #43—5, 10, 15

When you look back to a few years ago, isn’t amazing to see how much has changed?  You’ve changed, your family has changed, the world has changed.  This week’s challenge will help you document some of those changes.

How have you changed in the last 5, 10 or 15 years? 
(Or even add 20, 25, 30 years ago!)

Here are some ideas to get your memory going about ways you can, or have changed.

-Family situation (Single, married, kids, etc.)
-Job at the time
-Styles of hair and clothing
-Eating habits
-Body type (maybe you gained or lost a lot of weight)
-What you spent most of your time doing
-Place you lived
-Close friends or room mates at the time
-Changes in your personality
-Strengths now that used to be weaknesses
-Goals and dreams
-World and local events
-Favorites (foods, colors, TV shows, music, etc.)
-Technology differences that you’ve used
-And another stellar idea should go here, but I can’t think of anymore…

To do this challenge, you could pick just one topic and explain the details for each of the years.  You can just pick one “year” and talk about the many differences between then and now.  You can choose the years you want to do (ie: 10 yrs. ago, 20 yrs. ago, etc.).  You can just do a few things or do many—whatever you want to do and have the time for!

What Kim did:

I think its harder for me to see changes in myself than it is for other people to see the changes in myself. So I am just going to highlight some changes that have occurred in the past 5 and 10 years.

Changes over the past 5 years:

I learned how to become a mother of 1—5 years ago.

I learned how to be a mother of 2—2 years ago.

Changes over the past 10 years:

I became a wife 7 years ago.

What I did:

I made a layout showing what I’m like now, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, and 15 years ago.   I wanted it to span and show a glimpse of me and what I’ve done and how it made me who I am today.  (I am still searching for a 15 years ago picture, which is why it’s white square.)  I tried to keep it all kind of the same types of things for each section, just to have a better comparison.

Now and Then copy

Page credits: Fonts (Century Gothic and Sofia).  Texture: Kim Klassen.

If you want a simple and easy way to do this challenge, I made a PDF file that you can download here.  Then you can either print it out and fill it in by hand or type it up on the computer!  Quick and easy!  Smile  (I couldn’t upload a picture for you to see it, so you’ll have to click the link to preview it.)


Now I challenge you to record your 5, 10, 15! 
(Or whatever numbers you want to use!)

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