Fast Fact Friday #14

It’s my son’s spring break, so somehow I totally spaced that today is Friday!  Sorry for the delay…
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I thought it’d be fun to do a Fast Fact Friday all about Spring Break in honor of my kids. (Or I should say kid, since I only have one in regular school right now.) 

1.  Where did you go on your favorite Spring Break?

2.  Who were you with?

3.  What/where was your lamest Spring Break?

4.  What was the craziest thing you did on a Spring Break?

5.  What do you love about Spring Break?


Here’s a look at my answers:

1. When I was teaching school, we went camping in the San Raphael Swell in central Utah.  It was gorgeous!  Plus I remember it rained and we had our own private waterfall by our tent!
2.  Quinn (before we had kids).
3.  Growing up we didn’t have much money, so we never went anywhere for Spring Break.  We just always stayed home and played.
4.  I’ve never really been on any crazy Spring Breaks, so I don’t think I ever did anything too crazy.
5.  I love having a break to enjoy the mostly nice weather.  When I was in school, it was nice to have a mental break, now it’s fun to have all my kids at home and do fun things together!

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