Challenge #23—Do you fear this too?

This week’s challenge is one that I wanted to do, yet didn’t want to do.  I’ve always kind of been paranoid that if I write out my fears, then some bad guy would come and do them to me.  (Maybe I’ve watched a few too many scary movies…)  Well, needless to say, I’ve finally faced this fear and decided it was time to write some down.

The challenge:  What are your top fears or phobias?

For this challenge you can make a list from 1-5 or 1-10, write a whole paragraph of your fears, explain them in detail, or even just focus on one thing and document the many aspects of it.

And…we have some examples of two of our new team members!  Eek!  I’m so excited about this!  These gals have such great talent, and you will be inspired by their completed challenges!
What Laura did:

I created a layout for this assignment listing what my fears/phobias are, but I will also tell you about them in this post.

When I was a child, I LOVED Christmas (still do), but feared the night before Christmas.  For some unknown reason, I was afraid that Santa would enter my room at night and scare me.  For the longest time, I would sleep with the covers over my head every Christmas Eve.  Don't worry, I don't do that anymore.

Some of my other fears are fire, the fear of drowning (I even get scared if I unexpectedly get splashed with water), spiders, and heights.  Since the birth of my two children, I think I can overcome any of these fears because my biggest fear these days is making sure my children are always safe.

It scares me that I can't be with my kids 24/7, so I fear that if they are in trouble and need me that they won't be able to reach me. 

Here is a picture of the layout I created.”


Supplies used in layout: paper - October Afternoon; alphabet stickers - Making Memories; ribbon - American Crafts; cardstock - Bazzill; heart sticker – unknown.

*Don’t you just love how Laura focused her journaling on her children? (I’m sure every mother feels the same way!)  I also love how she found just one picture, to ground that focus!

What April did:

“I think it's important to document some of my fears or some of the hard times in life as well as the good times because it gives my posterity a true look into my life and makes me a real person as they learn more about me. This makes me easier to relate to and hopefully those who come after me can learn from me how to overcome those fears and hard times.
Being pregnant totally consumes my life. There isn't a time in the day that I don't forget that I have a special little someone growing inside me. Because of this I chose to do this challenge on some of my fears relating to pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy and child and there is a lot I don't know and pretty much everything is new to me - which can be scary in itself.”

TIMC - Fears

Credits: Fonts: Pea Jia (script font) & Bernard MT Condensed (block font), Background: Photoshop brush: awesomestyle_7. All other elements are my creations.

*I love how April focused on one fear that is part of her life right now, and documented the reasons why!  (I totally understand that, as I’m sure every other woman who’s had a baby does!)  I’m sure she will be an awesome mother!

What I did:

Since I have these fabulous and creative team members, and since I am super busy just trying to stay on top the TIMC (fantastic things coming up!), I went quick and easy on this challenge—I made a list from 5 to 1 in Word, and wrote my reasons.

5.  Garbage disposals—I hate turning them on!  I think it’s too gross to put my hand in it to see if anything fell down, so I cringe every time I turn one on.

4.  Spiders—they are icky, spin webs, have creepy legs, and some bite.

3.  Drowning—I’m a good swimmer, so I think it’s weird that this is one of my fears!  Once, while swimming at the beach, a huge wave pulled me under and it scared the begeebies out of me!  I’m also scared when driving next to water that I’ll get in an accident and be pushed in the water and be stuck in the car.

2.  My house catching on fire—I’m afraid to lose all my scrapbooks, journals and pictures.  (And people if we’re home.) I’m paranoid that anytime I’m on vacation I’ll come home to a charred house.

1.  Losing one of my kids—Carter hid from me at the mall one time, and it took 15 minutes to find him.   Eventually (after the exit doors were on lock-down for 2 year old boys) he jumped out of a rack of clothes, saying that he was playing hide and seek.  I cried for 5 minutes—grateful that he wasn’t kidnapped and angry at the same time.  Then a few weeks ago, we were at the Dinosaur Park and Cole wandered out the gate somehow and was in the parking lot.  We sent a search party for him and found him about 10 minutes later.  Seriously, my heart stopped beating. 


Okay, if you’ve made it this far, you are a champion!  And you’ll get your reward!  I made a digital quick page freebie that is similar to Laura’s layout. (Please excuse the differences in the paper, since with copyrights, I had to use my own designs.)   Please make sure you’re a follower over on the right or on the top left, then you can download it here!  (It will only be good for one week, so don’t delay!)

This Is Me Challenge Quickpage #3 copy

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Krystal said...

I'm new to your blog (April is my friend) and this is my first challenge! Thanks so much, I can't wait to try it out with my daughter