Fast Fact Friday #33

Um, yes, are you shocked?  Surprised?  Astonished?  It’s been 2 months since I’ve done a Fast Fact Friday…it’s just one of those things that was in the back of my head, but got forgotten when I had a minute to do it.  I’m so sorry if you’ve been waiting on it….but wait no more, because I totally remembered today!!!!

fast fact friday 2

So today, I thought I’d do a little spin off of Challenge #7—by the numbers.  All you have to do is answer the questions with a simple number.  You can leave it that simple, or you can embellish on your answers.  It just depends on how much time you have, or how much you want to share.  Smile


How many…

1.  Cavities have you had?
2.  Traffic/parking tickets have you gotten?
3.  Times have you left your country of residence?
4.  Shoes/sandals do you own right now?
5.  Hours of sleep did you get last night?

You can also do a twist on today’s FFF…just write down the numbers 1-5 and write something about each number.  Something like this:

1—Times I’ve been bungee jumping
2—Countries I’ve lived in
3—Cars I’ve owned
4—Number of children I have
5—Times I’ve been a patient at the hospital (births of children included)


Here’s a quick peek at my FFF answers:

#1.  6  Until I was 23, I could say 0.    
#2.  0  Though I did get a ticket in the mail once, and when I went to inquire about it (because it was a parking ticket for a place I’d never parked) we discovered they’d sent it to me on accident.
#3.  7   Wish I could say more than that, but 3 of those times were to Europe.
#4.  39    I only wear half of these…need to purge.
#5.  8   Sleep is top priority for me, otherwise I get migraines.


Alright, now I challenge you to take a few minutes and jot your answers down!  You can write them in a journal, a blog, on Facebook, or even pictures (though pictures are kind of hard with this one, except for the shoes).  And remember, if you do pictures, you can share via Instagram with the #thetimc if you want to share it with other TIMC readers!  You can always see what I’m up to on Instagram by following me hereSmile

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Tiffany Sexton said...

I love the idea of this! Going to start using these to do the About Me page on my blog!