Challenge #65—Real Treasures

When you think about the real treasures in your life, what are they?  Most likely you will not be saying, “my car”, “my house” or even “my money”…you will most likely say things like “my family”, “my memories” or  “my pictures”.  So today, here is a wonderful chance for you to record one of your treasures…one of your most treasured memories!

What is one (or some) of your most treasured memories?

You can do so many things with this one!  You can focus on just one of your very favorite memories.  You can list some of your favorite memories from certain periods of your life, or you can tweak it and list what types of memories are your favorites.

Here is a look at some ideas for you.

What April did:

One of my most treasured memories just happened about a month ago. My step-daughter chose me to accompany her on a church outing with a group of the young women and their mothers from our area. She could have chosen to go with her mother or just go with the young women's leaders but she chose to go with me! It turned out to be a turning point for our relationship. It drew us together and made us the best of friends. I will always remember that night with fond memories. I'm so glad she chose me!
TIMC-Treasured Memory

Credits:  Background photo taken by Richard Bird, Scrapbooking Elements: "Hey Missy" Scrapbooking Kit from Designer Digitals

What I did:

My mom recently shared a digital folder with me that had tons of old photos on it, so I decided I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to scrap about them!  I decided I’d do a recap of the memories I treasure the most.


Here’s what the journaling says, since it’s so small:  There are so many memories from my life that will forever hold a place in my heart.  These are my real treasures and can never be taken from me, that will never corrupt or dim with time.  From my childhood I will never forget the trips from Utah to Minnesota every summer to visit my great grandparents until they passed away.  I remember laying in the back of the gray station wagon with my sister, singing silly songs and playing car bingo to pass the time.  I remember the camping trips we took as a family and squishing in the tent until the year we bought a tent trailer.  There are so many fun memories I have with friends in elementary school, high school and college.  Friends that I’m still in touch with and feel blessed to know.  I remember the 18 months I served as a missionary and the many dear people I grew to love as well as the beautiful land.  I remember the day I realized I wanted to marry Quinn, the day he became my eternal companion, and so many fun times with him.  I remember the feelings of awe when I found out I was going to be a mother--something I’d always wanted to be.  I remember the indescribable feeling as the doctor placed each of my children in my arms for the first time.  I relish the memories of chubby fingers holding mine, the sweet baby smell and messy kisses.  I remember those moments when my boys have shown times of tenderness with each other.  I remember and cherish the vacations, outings and fun times I’ve had with my own little family.  Indeed I feel very blessed, and I can say that I am rich.  For true riches are the things that make one happy, and these memories have indeed made me one happy girl!

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Now I challenge you to record some of your most treasured memories!

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