Challenge #64—Secrets No More

Sorry this challenge is a little late—for some reason I always forget about the challenges when the 1st is on a Wednesday.  

I know everyone has little things about them, that not many people know—so here’s today’s challenge:

What are some things about you that not many people know?

These can be things you’ve done in the past, little characteristics that you hide most of the time, foods you do or don’t like, etc.  There is no limit to what or how you record.   If you can only think of 5, then that’s fine.  If you can think of 50 things, all right, go for it!  

Some ideas for you…
What Laura did:

Laura just moved, so she did quick and easy today!  (And that’s what I love about these challenges—do more when you have more time, but when you don’t, just recording it is better than nothing!) 
What you might not know about me ….
•I cannot eat macaroni and cheese … can’t even test the noodles to see if they are cooked enough (bad experience as a child that I still can’t get out of my head)
•I do not know how to do a cartwheel
•I love chocolate-chip mint ice-cream, but it has to be green for me to eat it
•I love to sing (even though I can’t sing well) – especially when driving
•One of my pet peeves is when someone doesn’t use their turn signal
•I have always had a desire to learn to play the piano (and my son would love to learn too)
•My iPhone never leaves my side … except when I’m in the shower
•My favorite color was green for a long time, now I really like orange
•I LOVE books and reading – especially love autobiographies
•Putting puzzles together is one of my favorite pastimes
•I don’t really like to talk on the phone
•I like to drink milk with ice-cubes
•I cannot draw to save my life … can’t even draw a good stick figure
•I HATE the cold weather
•I have been working in corporate America for over 20 years
•Taking pictures is one of my passions, right up there with scrapbooking
•I am now a resident of Ohio

What a fun list—I learned a lot about Laura! 
What I did:

I made up a quick scrapbook page. 

Supplies: Paper—Sandy Lion, Die Cuts With a View, Scrapbook Wizard Paper Co.  Number Stickers and brads—SEI.  Flowers—Prima.  Fonts—Janda Stylish Script, Lane—Narrow.
What Kim did:

We actually just played a game like this at a baby shower that my friends threw for me this past Saturday.  It was a lot of fun to hear things that I didn't know about my friends.
(Again, I just record these on a private blog that I have and add pictures if I have time.)

1. I never missed a day of school from K-12 grade.
2. I've never broken a bone.
3. I HATE feet!
4. I think Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg) is hot. (mostly cause he reminds me of my husband)
5. I can barely read cursive. 


Now I challenge you to record some fun facts about you that others may not know!  Smile

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