Challenge #57--My Space

Today's challenge is one that I've wanted to do for a long time, but it seems to always get pushed back on the list.  Not anymore! 

What is your favorite room of your house/apartment?

Now, this doesn't have to be your most lovely decorated room...I want you to think of the one room in your house that you love to spend time in, or just makes you smile when you open the door to it!  (Most guys would probably say the bathroom!  He he.)  It can be a closet full of shoes, a TV or theater room, a game room, a bedroom, a pantry, a den, etc.  It can be the best decorated room, if that's what you love to do.  It can be the loft where you read to your children.  It can be the kitchen you love to bake in!  Walk around your house and think about it!  Think of why you love the room.  Is it the details?  A special something from someone?  Does it have a special meaning?

Remember that you don't have to scrapbook this (just because we did).  Just snap a picture, write a paragraph, write a novel, post it on FB, Twitter or Instagram, tell all your friends, etc.  It doesn't matter how you record it...just do it!

Here are a few ideas of what you could do:

What April did:

Fonts: ITC Beesknees Std, Oz Handicraft BT
Page Embellishments and Artwork on Walls: Michael’s “Rockets N’ Sprockets” Scrapbook Line
Background made with pre-loaded Photoshop Brushes

What I did:
I made a scrapbook page of my office/scrap/craft room.  Where I spend as much time as I can!  I actually made a scrapbook page just on this room a few years ago, and it's so fun to see the changes!  This is definitely a challenge you could do every few years!

Here's the new page:
Template: Jessica Sprague.  Papers: Me.  Fonts: Janda Stylish Script, CK Higgins Handprint.

And the original:
Supplies:  I have no clue...

Now I challenge you to go record about your favorite place at home! 

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