Fast Fact Friday #30

Holy camoly…can we really have done 29 FFF’s already?  It’s hard to believe!  Is anyone enjoying this simple and quick way to get a bit of you recorded?  I know I am!

fast fact friday 2

Today we are going to be doing a random FFF…5 questions that have nothing to do with each other!  Remember, you can embellish on any of these questions as much as want, or keep them short and simple! 

If you want to take a picture of the answer of any of these questions, post it on Instagram with a caption telling what it is.  (Example:  take a picture of the book and write something like: “This is the last book I read”.)  Then use the hash tag #thetimc so we all can get a glimpse of what others have answered!  I would love to see your answers! 

Here we go:

1.  What is your favorite snack right now?
2.  What is the last book you read?
3.  If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?
4.  Where was the last place you spent money?
5.  Who was your first crush on?

Now get recording those answers!  Smile


Here’s a peek at my answers:
1.  Raw almonds.  Love ♥ love ♥ love them!  Of course, they make me drink lots of water too, which I also love. ♥
2.  Emmalee, by
Jenni James.  (A modern twist on Jane Austin’s novel, Emma.  And I highly recommend the whole Jane Austen Diaries series…and the other books as well!)
3.  I probably have to choose Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes.  He had the best imagination, and always did such fun things!  I can’t think of a girl cartoon character that I really would want to be…
4.  The local grocery store.  Yeah. (That was a sarcastic yeah…)  I wish it was something fun.
5.  Chad Stanley—1st grade.  I gave him my phone number and he actually called me!  We were talking about “He-Man” because we were both watching it.  Smile with tongue out  When my dad found out a boy called me, he lost it!  He sternly told me that I wasn’t allowed to give boys my phone number and that I couldn’t get married until I was 40!  He he.  I was so sad when Chad moved away in 2nd grade, and sometimes I wonder where he is now.

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