Fast Fact Friday #31

Today is Friday, and that means it’s time for another Fast Fact Friday!

fast fact friday 2

Today’s FFF is about sports—in honor of the Super Bowl coming up in a couple of days...(not that I personally care, but it’s a good time to record it!)  This also goes right along with Challenge #45, so if you haven’t done that one yet, here’s a good jump start for you!

1.  Which sport do you like to watch the most? 
2.  Which sport do you groan about every time you hear about it?
3.  If you could play any sport for a profession, what would it be?
4.  Is there a sport that you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t?
5.  Who is your favorite sports hero?

Now I challenge you to record about some sports…and enjoy that Super Bowl (or the commercials! Winking smile). 

Here’s a peek at my answers:
1.  Basketball, especially in person!
2.  Golf.  I find it sooooo boring, especially on TV.
3.  Oh, probably basketball—but I’d have to be like a million times better than I am!
4.  I’ve always wanted to try archery with the cool bows.  (My brother had one of those basic bows and I shot it a bit when I was a kid.)
5.  I have always loved John Stockton—he was an amazing basketball player, but so humble about it.  He wasn’t ever cocky about how good he was, which I always thought was so cool.

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