Fast Fact Friday #21

Surprise!  I remembered it was Friday...and it's only 1:30 in the afternoon.  (Sigh.)  I don't know why, but I kept thinking Friday was a couple of days away still! 
Anyway, I'm going to get Fast Fact Friday back on track again and will start now! 

This week's topic is summer, since we are in the middle of summer (in the northern hemisphere anyway...)!  It also goes along really well with the challenge question from this last Wednesday!

#1--What is your favorite summer activity?
#2--Do you have a special getaway place you go to every year?
#3--Which foods are your favorite during the summer?
#4--Where was your favorite summer vacation ever?
#5--Did you ever had a summer romance?

A quick look at my answers:
1.  Swimming.  I love, love, love to swim!  I wish we had a pool so I could do it everyday!
2.  My husband's family loves to go to Wade Lake in Montana every year.  We've gone most years that I've been married.
3.  Smoothies, popsicles, fruit, salads, veggies...basically anything cold and healthy!
4.  In 2004, my MIL and I drove from Utah to North Carolina to take a car to my BIL who'd moved there.  We stopped at tons of places, and then my husband flew and met us in NC.  We drove down to South Carolina and up the Outer Banks to Virginia where we met the rest of the family for the 4th of July in Washington D.C.  It was fun to see so many new things and re-visit some places I'd already been.  Plus, I was pregnant with my first, so it was a nice last vacation without children!
5.  Nope, not really.  Unless you count that I met my husband in the summer, in which case it's been a long summer! ;) 

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