Challenge #11—Perfectly Imperfect

This week’s challenge is another deep thinking one. Sorry to do this to you two weeks in a row…but this one is actually kind of fun when you get down to it!

This week’s challenge: What are 5 things you have (or almost have) perfected? What are 5 things you are far from perfect in?

The hardest part in this challenge really, is to truly be honest. We are all human, and therefore imperfect. It’s hard to embrace our imperfections sometimes. We want others to think we are perfect, right? When our children and grandchildren read our histories, do we really want them to think we were perfect, or do we want them to know that we were human? 

I have read some of my grandma’s journals. I knew beforehand that she wasn’t perfect, but for me it was fun to read some of her imperfections. It made her real. So, it’s okay to embrace our imperfections, as much as it’s okay to admit that we’re doing pretty good in other areas as well!
What I did am doing:

It has been a busy week. I hosted a GNO party on Saturday, and a little get-together with some families on Monday night. I have been thinking non-stop about those parties…so my challenge is not yet complete. But here’s a look at what I’ve got so far.

First, I made two lists—one of my almost perfect traits and one of my not-so-perfect traits. It took me about 6 or 7 minutes to come up with these. I wrote them down in a Word document. I really could’ve stopped just there and called it good. (Because that’s what these challenges are all about! Doing any little bit counts!) But of course, I wanted to do something more.

I did start on a digital scrapbook page and was going to take some pictures to go along with my answers. I haven’t taken the pictures yet, so it’s still blank in that part. And really, I could almost leave it as is and call it good! Need I say it again? Every little bit counts! Okay, okay, I am going to take some pictures and finish this in the next couple of days, but here’s a look at what I have finished so far…

perfectly imperfect i1perfectly imperfect 2i1

I will post the finished product in the next couple of days…I promise!
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****UPDATED***** You can find my finished challenge here!
Now, I challenge you to make your almost perfect and far from perfect lists!

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