Challenge #15—Same Old, Same Old

Do you do the same things everyday, or is it different?

This week’s challenge: “What are some of your routines?”

You can approach this in many ways—you can document one routine that you do a certain time each day (morning, afternoon, evening, bedtime), you can document your daily routine (I know that most people don’t do the exact thing each day, but recording the gist of what you do is great!), you could even record something you do once a week at the same time-ish (like your fitness class on Thursday morning, lunch with your friend each Tuesday, or how you only write on your blog every Sunday afternoon).  And remember, you don’t have to do a scrapbook layout like we did.  Click on the Ideas tab on top for other ideas on how to fulfill these challenges!


What Lindsey did:

I sooo love this layout that she created for this week’s challenge!  routine 1

Lindsey says, “This week I really wanted to capture my morning routine.  I’m not normally a routine person- but I do the same exact steps every morning when I'm getting ready.  It was kind of fun to see my routine broken down into steps!   And it helped me remember to capture the little things.”

routine 2

routine 3

Great job, Lindsey!


What I did:

I typed up a basic outline of what we do on most days.  Yes, it varies from day to day, but I thought it’d be fun to do this challenge once every 6 months or so, just to see how my daily routine changes.   Since it’s summer break right now, my schedule is a lot different than when school is in session. 

I made a digital scrapbook layout, and it was ALL words (well, and paper and embellishments).  No pictures this week, and that’s okay!  I don’t feel that I always need pictures on my scrapbook layouts, especially for these challenges.  I made sure to put the date on there, so I’d know why my routine was this way!

Routines i

Credits:  My own paper and elements.  Font: Pea Sugar Noodles.

Now I challenge you to record your routine or routines!

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