Challenge #11—Perfectly Imperfect—Part 2

I finally finished my challenge #11, and I debated on whether erasing what I already had, adding to it, or just making a new post.  I decided to make a new post, because life does not have an erase button, and it is essentially part of this challenge…I’m embracing imperfection!  Smile  (Find the first part here.)


So, here’s a look at what I did:

perfectly imperfect i

It looks a little different than what I started with!  (So, I started from scratch…)  I did take most of the pictures I needed, but then I decided that I don’t really need a picture of floss, a seatbelt or my computer on this layout.  I wanted it to be about the words, not the pictures! 

Yes, I’m not perfect…yet! 

Credits:  Paper and embellishments, Splendid Fiins.  Fonts:  Thinking of You, Kevin and Amanda.  Century Gothic.