Fast Fact Friday—Personal History in Depth #10

Yeah, it’s Friday! 

We only have 5 more weeks of the Personal History in Depth questions for our Fast Fact Fridays. 

This Is Me Challenge Fast Fact Friday Personal History in Depth

If you haven’t taken the chance to do these questions, take a few minutes and do some of them—even if you don’t have time to answer them completely in depth for now. Just a little start is better than nothing.

Today’s theme is grand-children/grand-parents.  The first set of questions is for grandparents.  The second set is for anyone who has grand-parents.  (So, you may actually have two sets of questions today…)  There are only 3 questions per set today.

Set 1:

1.  What are the  names and birthdates of your grandchildren?  (And any great grand children as well.)  Be sure to reference who their parents are.

2.  What are some of the unique traits and talents of each grandchild?  (You don’t need to go into depth, just a simple list will do.)

3.  What are some traditions you have with your grandchildren?  (Any that you’ve carried over from your children or new ones you started as a grandparent.)

Set 2:

1.  What are the names and birthdates of your grandparents?  (List whether they are your maternal or paternal grandparents.)

2.  List any known traits or personalities of your grandparents.  (If they passed on before you can remember, you can ask others.)

3.  What are some fun traditions you had/have with your grandparents?


Alright, that is all for today’s questions. 

Don’t forget to Instagram your 30 day self-portrait challenge pictures, and be sure to use the hashtag #timc30days to be qualified to enter the contest!  If you’re private, you can either go public on Nov. 20th so that I can see your pictures, or if you want to stop by my profile and let me know that you are doing the challenge I can request to follow you.  I will then unfollow you after the contest.  My Instagram handle is @emils24.  Smile

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