Fast Fact Friday—Personal History in Depth #12

Sorry about the delay in getting today’s FFF up.  I finally had some time to sit down to do it, so here we go!!!

 This Is Me Challenge Fast Fact Friday Personal History in Depth

Today’s theme is: Food!  Now,  who doesn’t love food?!? Winking smile

1. What are some of your favorite foods you like to eat and some you dislike the most?

2. Do you like to cook or bake?  If so, what types of foods or meals are your favorites to make?

3.  Do you have any family recipes that have been handed down to you that you would like to pass on?  (This would be a great time to record those and even pass them down to your children and grandchildren if the timing is right.) 

4. Where do you like to go to eat out?  (You can be generic here, ie: Mexican, Chinese, Italian, etc., or list specific restaurants.)

5. Do you have any food allergies? (This is quite important to record for posterity’s sake—especially with the growing trend in food allergies.)

Alright, now go ahead and get some recording done!

P.S. Thanks to those who participated in the 30 day self-portrait challenge.  Winners have been notified via Instagram, so please send me an email if that was you!

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