Challenge #71—So Grateful

Today’s challenge is a little different…

A number of years ago, I was at a training and the speaker had us pull out a piece of paper and a pen.  Then he explained that we had to make a list of the things we were most grateful for—there was a catch though.  We had to pretend that whatever was on the list we got to keep forever—and anything not on that list, we would lose forever.  (This made us think about what was most important in our lives.)  Oh, and we had two minutes to do it in as well.  So…ready, set, go!

Set a timer for two minutes and write the things you are most thankful for.

You can do this on paper or type it up (I typed mine because I’m much faster at that than writing).  Then, you can be done with the challenge, or you can do something else with it if you like.  (Scrapbook it, make a video of it, or anything else you want to do!) 

Here’s what we did.

What Laura did:

Things that I am Most Thankful For

My children

My husband



A house over my head

To be able to drive a car

A phone

That I have a job





The sunshine

Coca Cola


A bed to sleep in

My health

What I did:

I typed up my list in Photoshop and put it directly into a digi scrapbook page.  Simple and easy!  It’s kind of drab, so I may change it up a bit to something with more color.


Supplies: Kraft paper—Meredith Cardall, Fonts—Bombshell Pro, Pea MissStaker

Now I challenge you to do this fun little timed gratitude challenge!

PS—I totally did not realize today was the day for the gift card drawings.  I should’ve done a reminder yesterday, so I’m extending it by 23.5 hours.  I will draw 3 lucky people tomorrow at noon, MST.  Smile  Be sure to hashtag your IG photos with #timc30days for a chance to win!

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