Re-Challenge #4

Today we have another re-challenge for you!  This is an oldie (challenge #4), but a goodie!  (Because honestly, who doesn’t like to play?)

 When you have a few minutes or a few days, what do you like to do in your “play” time?

You can share what you do now, what you used to do as a child, or even what you’d like to do when you retire! Make a table showing the things you’ve liked to do to play in different periods of your life.  What has changed or stayed the same? Why do you like to do those things? You can expound on this, or keep it simple! This is a challenge that would be fun to do with kids too—have them record their favorite activities a few times in their lives or once every year.  Wouldn’t that be fun to see later?


What I did:

I explained a bit about what I like to do now: create things. I made a two page digital scrapbook layout about how I love to create things, and the individual things I take time to do to “play”. I added in some pictures that I already had on my computer of some of those things that I wrote about.

create spread

Credits: Template: Scrappin’ with Liz, Blue circle, and black & white paper: Summertime Designs.


The challenge is now yours! Now…go PLAY! Smile (And record about it!)

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