Re-Challenge #16

This is a repost of a previous challenge.  Laura has now done this, so I added her finished challenge to the post. 

Today’s challenge is one that I’m sure you will just LOVE to do, because sometimes it’s nice to vent, isn’t it?

What are some of your pet peeves?

There are a few ways you can do this—you can record the things that bug you most, you can focus on just one thing that annoys you and go into detail on why it bothers you, or you can pick a subject (say, crazy drivers) and list all the pet peeves you have just for that.

When I gave our team members this assignment, part of it was to keep it light and positive for the blog—I didn’t want anything negative on here.  Now, you don’t have to do this, you can be as mean and ornery as you want, but remember that whoever reads it will also see it in that way…so, you may want to keep it as positive as you want as well!

What Laura did:


Supplies:  patterned paper - Bella Blvd; card stock - Bazzill; arrows - Studio Calico; letters - Simple Stories

What I did:

To keep this in a positive direction, I made a list of things that are opposite of my pet peeves on a digital scrapbook layout.

Pet Peeves

Credits: Fonts: CK Becky (“opposites”), Sketch Rockwell (“pet peeve”), Pea Valerie (“my” and journaling).  All other elements and papers by me.

What Rachel did:

“When I was given this assignment to write about my pet peeves and to keep it positive, I had no idea what to do! I thought about it for a week or so, and then it hit me! I could mention some pet peeves but then think of something good about them instead of griping about the negative. So, my pictures and journaling are pretty self-explanatory. I realized after the fact, that I kind of have a thanksgiving theme with my layout. “

TIMC 2-Peeves-001

Credits: My Memories Suite 2 software. Papers and Embellishments are “Walk in Splendor by Becca” and “Fall for Autumn by StoryRock”. Top two pictures taken by Rachel.

What Kim did: 

I am actually a pretty patient person; I don't get too annoyed with the little things that don't matter. The one thing that annoys me is bad drivers, so here is my road rage tangent...

1. When people don't turn left on a yellow light when there are no cars.

2. When people drive under the speed limit.

3.When people tailgate me.

4. When people cut me off.


Now I challenge you to record some things that annoy you!

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