Challenge #49—Now That’s Stylin’!

Raise your hand if you look back at pictures of yourself and give a little giggle because you are wearing something that you thought was sooooo trendy way back when, but now you just laugh because it’s so funny or stupid looking.  Yep, that’s what I thought!  You’re raising your hand, aren’t you?  Here’s today’s challenge:

What have been some of your favorite (or least favorite) beauty & fashion trends you've worn over the years?

You can make a list of some of the trends you wore throughout the years.  You can focus on a year or a decade.  You can compare the styles from back then to what’s popular now (like seeing trends you wore as a child back in style!). 

Here is a look at what Laura and I did to give you some ideas of what you can do to record this fun little tidbit about your life!

What Laura did:

Instead of creating a layout, below is a list of some 80's/90's fashion trends that I remember.

Shoulder Pads

Oh gosh how I remember so many of my shirts in grade school and high school having shoulder pads. I can't believe anyone thought that trend was so fashionable. Do shirts even have shoulder pads anymore?


I LOVED mini-skirts. And the biggest trend were denim ones. I remember shopping with my mom and having to get skirts in so many different styles.

Huge Earrings

I definitely took part in this trend. I recall these big, green, square earrings that I used to wear with a green-striped shirt and green shorts.

Members Only Jackets

I think we all owned/wore at least one of these growing up. I had a teal green one. That fashion trend did not go away for all. The person who was my boss in 2001-2002 still wore her jacket to the office. Definitely wanted to call the fashion police on her.

Stretch Stir-Up Pants

I have to say, this was a fashion trend I took full advantage of. I think I owned stir-up pants in every color. I LOVED them.

Rubber Bracelets

A trend that came back ... I used to wear these bracelets all the way up my arms. Had them in every color.

Scrunched Socks

I remember rolling up the bottom of my pants in high school and then scrunching up two pairs of socks on each foot. Didn't you do that too?


My best friend and I had several pairs of Jellies; all in different colors. I look back now and think how ugly and uncomfortable they were.

What I did:

I made a layout focusing on the trends I wore in the 90’s.  (I kept it simple and easy by using a digital template and not changing much of it.  I didn’t even change colors.)

90's style

Template (came with all the embellishments on it): Scrapping With Liz, Fonts: Honey Script,  Pea Colton.
Now I challenge you to record some of those fashions (and fashion faux-pas) that you wore!

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