Challenge #52—Collections

Most of us have some kind of collection, whether it is an on-purpose collection, or something we unconsciously collect!

What do you collect?

Now, if you don’t purposefully collect anything, you can be creative on this one…for example my husband jokes that I collect plastic sacks, because I keep them in various places around the house so I don’t have to go get one from the collection bag in the kitchen every time I need one. 

But, most of us probably have something we buy as souvenir’s each time we go somewhere, or that people always give us a gifts.  This is also a fun challenge for kids to do who collect something.  I plan on doing this one with my 7 year old who collects rocks from everywhere we go! 

Here are a couple of ideas to get your mind going, but remember, you don’t have to scrapbook it.  Even just taking some pictures and writing a blog post about it is great!

What April did:

Explanation: I never intended to collect bells. It just sort of happened. One year for Christmas someone, I can't remember who, gave me a bell. And from that time on everyone thought I collected bells and continued to give me bells for birthdays, Christmas and just for fun. So I started getting bells in all the places that I traveled and all the places that mean something to me. Each bell has a story and has become a history of who I am and where I've been.

TIMC - CollectionTIMC - Collection2

What I did:

From the time I was young, I have loved elephants, and started collecting them when I was a bit older.  Though, when we moved 6 years ago, I packed them all up and only took them out today to photograph—I have little kids now and I don’t want them to get ruined!  So it was fun to pull my little collection out and see them.  My 3 year old twins were in awe of all these cool elephants they’ve never seen before.  Sadly, I will have to pack them back up again until our basement is finished and I have more room to properly display them!  It was fun though, to remember all the places I got them!

elephants 1


Product sources: Template, Scrapping With Liz.  Papers, Crystal Wilkerson and myself.  Brushes, Dainty Swirls 2.  Fonts, Smiley Monster, Homemade Apple, Mom’s Typewriter.

Now I challenge you to record about something that you collect!

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