Fast Fact Friday #25

I have not been so good on doing Fast Fact Friday very well.  So, last week I decided that I will only do it on the weeks that there isn't a new challenge.  And since we didn't have a challenge last week, today is a FFF kind of day!

Today's topic is "Moments". 

I thought of this yesterday when one of my 3 year old sons and I had our special moment of "Mommy Loves" that we have almost each day.  Everyday, whenever my youngest gets grumpy or is sad, he comes to me with his blankie and wants to rock in Daddy's Chair (the recliner).  He wraps his arms around me and we rock and snuggle until he is ready to get up.  It's my favorite moment of the day right now--one that I wish would never end, but I know it will.  It makes me so sad to know this, so I relish in the moment when we have it.

Here are your questions (and don't feel you have to be sentimental with your answers!):

1.  What is a moment you look forward to each day?
2.  What was one of the most memorable moments you had in your courtship with your spouse/current love interest/past love interest?
3.  What holiday moment is/was your favorite?
4.  What moment are you looking forward to the most right now?
5.   What moment are you dreading the most right now?

And here's a quick peek at my answers:
1.  Mommy Loves with Cole.  (As explained above.)
2. Our first kiss.  Quinn asked me, "how do you say, 'will you kiss me' in French?"  I told him, and then said, "Don't mind if I do!"
3. I love decorating my house for Christmas each year.  I hate taking it down.
4.  Bed!  (I say that anytime after 11 am!)
5.  Cleaning my house.

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